Kyuubi Basher

Kyuubi Basher Simulator for NinjaManager

Kyuubi Basher 2.0 Event Edition

The special event edition features beginner mode with all the ninjas and LW's available to teams on the event. All easily accessible and easy to calculate and optimize for the best possible teams for the special event!

(click image for larger view)

Many people have tried to calculate the best possible team on the old Basher v1.3, but it's many times simpler on the Basher v2.0, and has resulted in teams several levels lower as well as hundreds or even thousands ryo cheaper!

If you in addition to the Basher v2.0 use NinjaManagers premium services you will have a major upper hand! Not just the perfect team, but the ability to build it faster than anyone else!


The event edition requires internet access to use, and will be available for the duration of the special event. Once the event is over the event edition will be inaccessible.

You will also need Windows with .NET framework 2.0 or higher. An easy way to see if you can run  Basher v2.0 is to test with the old Basher v1.3 available on the NinjaManager forum.

You also need a way to unpack the .rar package, such as WinRAR.

If any updates should happen such as new ninjas being available (Forbidden July) or any eventual bug fixes, the program will automatically alert you about it and let you download the update free of charge.



Click on the PayPal button to purchase the special event edition of the kyuubi basher v2.0!

The download will start immediately after the payment is complete.
(I can't really refund if you somehow manage to screw it up. Maybe if you have a paypal account...
Just don't screw it up to make it easier for the both of us. For added safety, be sure to type in some contact info or something in the message prompter during checkout. And save the transaction ID etc  on the receipt.)

Price for the ultimate tool to your success on the event: Only 5 euro!